Dr. Gerald R. Uhlich

Be firm in your target but fast and adaptive in your strategy

The strategy method asks experienced subjects to program strategies for a game. This paper reports on an application to a 20-period supergame of an asymetric Cournot duopoly. The final strategies after three programming rounds show a typical structure. Typically, no expectations are formed and nothing is optimized. Instead of this, fairness criteria are used to determine cooperative goals, called "ideal points". The subjects try to achieve cooperation by a "measure-for-measure policy", which reciprocates movements towards and away from the ideal point by similar movements. A strategy tends to be more successful the more typical it is.

Duopoly Strategies Programmed by Experienced Players, Reinhard Selten;, Michael Mitzkewitz, and Gerald R. Uhlich, Econometrica, Vol. 65, No. 3 (May, 1997), 517-555

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Erfolgreiche Verhandlungen

Analyse, Strategie und Verhandlungserfolg
Verhandlungen müssen sehr gut vorbereitet werden. Ziele, Alternativen und Ausgangslage sind klar festzulegen und die strategische Situation ist zu analysieren. Wie bei einer Erkrankung stehen vor einer Gesundung eine erfolgreiche Therapie und davor eine gute Diagnostik.

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